Oil Substitutes for Cooking & Baking

As I have mentioned before, I try to avoid consuming oil as much as possible. Typically, the times I include oil in my diet will be when I'm eating out; so to balance things, I tend to go oil-free with most of my cooking at home. To kick off a mini-series of health tips in… Continue reading Oil Substitutes for Cooking & Baking


Vegan Stuffed Shells

Happy holidays! I hope everyone is having a safe and joyful holiday season spent with loved ones. This year for Christmas Eve-Eve, my family hosted friends for dinner where we did the traditional spread: turkey and ham for the meat-eaters, mashed potatoes, lots of roasted veggies, and an array of delicious desserts. Because we went… Continue reading Vegan Stuffed Shells

To-Die-For Sticky Sweet & Spicy Tofu

For any non-veggie friends stumbling upon this post, let me address the elephant in the room: That terrifying T-word. Tofu. Contrary to popular belief, tofu does not have to be some weird-textured glob of nastiness. Now, if you pull a block of it straight out of the package and take a bite, I'm not going… Continue reading To-Die-For Sticky Sweet & Spicy Tofu

The Best Darn Vegan Hot Chocolate

With this being my first holiday season as a full-blown vegan, I knew crafting a dairy-free hot chocolate recipe would be a priority. As is the case with most of my recipes, it came from trial and error, adding a little bit of this or a little bit of that until I was satisfied. I… Continue reading The Best Darn Vegan Hot Chocolate